I have joined my 3 years old son this year and Principal Linda and her colleagues were so nice and warm during the initial tour and Open house. Principal Linda's experience in the filed of education is equals to my age. I was a big fan of her ethics and principles. Linda and her daughters will be looking after the school so its family owned school( not a business). I am happy and impressed the way she evaluated my son and gave the suggestions for after school.She knows most of the kids name .Class rooms were bright and colorful with lot of educational toys and books. Finally i loved the tuition structure it was economical , for extended day care she charges per hour which is fantastic. I recommend to all the parents who are thinking to start their kids for the preschool.

~Chandra Y.

Lilliput is a wonderful school! It has the feel of the family warmth.The directors and teachers are great care takers and they make learning for the little hearts so much fun.My shy kids have blossomed into confident fun loving kids under their care.We have loved every day that they have spent there.We highly recommend the school to everyone.

-Hema & Ananth

Parent Testimonials 

Lilliput is a fabulous center, that both of my children have attended.(One currently enrolled for the 2018/2019 year). Their staff and curriculm are phenomenal, and my children have thrived in their care. Highly Recommended!!

- Chrissy

Lilliput runs an excellent program with caring and dedicated teachers. Both my girls loved their time at Lilliput both in Pre-school and Kindergarten. They left Lilliput fully prepared to move on to Elementary School.

Submitted by a parent

My Toddler loves her school days at Lilliput! The class has 9 children with 3 teachers it s a great ratio & in a big beautiful room. No other centers around offer the flexibility, educational curriculum or great child to teacher ratio. I already have my daughter signed up at Lilliput again for next year! I totally recommend Lilliput & feel so glad I found a school that is such a great fit for my family! 

- submitted by a parent

There was not a daycare in Shrewsbury that I haven't seen when I was looking for a good place for my child to start. Lilliput s toddler program is AMAZING. They have two bright rooms, filled with sunshine, new toys and smiles, clean and welcoming. Toys get rotated on the weekly basis- beautiful kitchen set, or work bench or a slide with a ball pit - so you get new things to play with. They are overstuffed with 3 teachers: 9 toddlers and weekly program is filled with activities. Ask for a printout that each parent gets every week to see what they are doing/learning this particular week. Children sleep in comfortable cots with bedding and not on the floor. Teachers are exceptional, and they truly enjoy their job which is what makes it so great I think. Whenever I had a question or concern - it was always resolved right away, teachers or office staff both were very helpful to meet my needs and sometimes went out of their way (yes, I am a fussy parent ) . I was also never charged anything extra, just as long as you pay on time, and there IS a grace period. People who run Lilliput take a great pride in what they do and love their job, and I would highly recommend this school to anyone.

- submitted by a parent

I am a parent of a 6 year old girl who has attended Lilliput for the past 4 years. The first year of preschool was the introduction to what would become an amazing and nurturing educational-based school setting experience; it exceeded my expectations as both a parent and social worker. With each year that passed, I have seen noticeable strides in my daughter's childhood development in terms of her seeking out new friends to play with, maintaining those friendships, fostering her enjoyment of being read books in the weekly book clubs, promoting the arts, and increased self-confidence with each year. My daughter likes to be challenged academically and Lilliput provides this for her. The teachers have recognized how to foster her overall development each year along the way, at her own pace, in their own style.

As I recall the goings-on of the previous years, with each class and teacher as unique as its classmates, an image forms in my mind: a quilt. I believe the 4 years of classes represent a patchwork quilt; all different pieces from various fabric, yet are sewn together for a common cause and purpose - to comfort. Little by little, piece by piece, year by year the quilt reflects a piece of priceless art. To me, the years at Lilliput represent an overall cohesiveness in the staffing and how the curriculum has been carried out. The creative manner in which the teachers have connected skill-based learning with social development, numbers/math with everyday experiences, and how each season is celebrated with festivity and enthusiasm, is why I would highly recommend Lilliput as a school for your child. I truly believe that the education provided in terms of the curriculum, in conjunction with nurturing psycho-social components, are promoting positive learning experiences; these are the stepping stones for many years to come. I believe an example of this is how Lilliput connects community integration (i.e. field trips) with the educational curriculum - tying together what is learned in the classroom to how it currently is or was historically experienced in the community. The true reaction to Lilliput is from my daughter, herself, who has always enjoyed going to Lilliput, arriving home with a smile and saying: "I love school mommy." I know she will sorely miss it next year.

I extend my deepest thanks and gratitude toward all the teachers who have dedicated their time and expertise to the priceless gift of making a difference in a child's life. Thank you.

CB, North Grafton, MA

My daughter has really loved being part of the Lilliput Community! She has really come out of her shell and is beginning to show what she has been learning with us at home. We are very happy with the warm and friendly staff and feel like we have made a great decision in sending her to school at Lilliput.

ABI, Shrewsbury

I write this note to you with sadness ,but also with a very large feeling of gratitude to you and all of your wonderful staff that all 3 of my children were able to be a part of. I never thought the time would come this quickly that my last child would finish their final days at Lilliput. I always was thankful that I had another child following right behind the other when one of them would move on to elementary school from Lilliput. I am thankful for the wonderful experiences and new beginnings your teaching staff and school has given each of my children. Casey is now going into 6th grade, Ella to 5th and now Andrew, into first grade. We will always hold a special place in our hearts for the great memories my children had from being a part of your school. I am sure they know, but please let the teachers know what an important impact they have had on the start of our children's education experience. Also, I cannot say enough about what an amazing year in Kindergarten that Andrew had with Mrs. Foley and Mrs. Townsend. What a wonderful team! We are very thankful for these Lilliput memories. We are not going to say goodbye to Lilliput, but would like to share this giant thank you and appreciation for all that your staff has done for each of one of my children. Thank you Lilliput and staff for the special memories we will always hold deep inside our hearts... Have a wonderful summer!

P Family from Shrewsbury

I just wanted to thank you and all your wonderful teaching staff who have cared and taught all three of my children for the past 7 years. Tomorrow we are moving on from Lilliput with nothing but fond memories.

Thanks again,
Mrs. Shustak