Summer Enrichment Program


If there is a program that does not meet the minimum enrollment it will be cancelled. If a class is cancelled due to low enrollment, those enrolled in that class only will receive a full refund. We reserve the right to cancel, change or consolidate classes, as necessary.

 As we plan our staffing around our enrollment, we cannot offer refunds for any reason unless the class is cancelled due to low enrollment. We CANNOT offer makeup days as spaces are extremely limited and staffing is planned accordingly. Summer Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Summer Themes: 2024


Week 1: June 24-28 
Paint, Playdough & Lots of Pizazz

Special visit from Jerry's Soft Serve



Week 3: July 8-12
Building Our World

Sprcial visit from the Ecotaruim (8/12)


Week 4: July 15-19
A Touch of Magic

Special visit from Flippo the Juggling Magician (7/17)


Week 5: July 22-26 

Circus: Under the Big Top 
Special visit from Christine's Cotton Candy (7/24)


Registration Confirmation:

After registration has been imported into ProCare the class registration will go from Pending to Approved. Parents will receive an invoice for the weeks they registered (due upon receipt), and a link to an Orientation PowerPoint which will cover our policies and procedures in more depth.


If your child has an EpiPen for allergies and/or will require medication during our summer program, you must drop off the medication in person prior to the first day of the summer program. Medication must be delivered in manufactured-labeled container. The required paperwork must accompany the medication when you drop it off. Please see the Medication Box on our registration page for the required forms or message the office.

Toddlers: 15 months to 3 Years Old

Designed for children who are currently enrolled in our toddler program or joining in the fall.

•(If you are not a returning Lilliput family, we strongly suggest registering your toddler for at least 3 consecutive weeks as it typically can take a toddlers at least 2 weeks to adjust. 


Preschoolers: 3 Years Old to 4 Years Old

Designed for children who are 3 year old,  4 year old, or Pre-K programs. We recommend children who have just turned 3 and have not yet participated in a 3-year-old school program to enroll in the toddler program. 

Pre-K, Kindergarten & First Grade (Pre-K-1): 5 Years Old to 7 Years Old.

Designed for children who have completed  our Pre-K, Kindergarten or First Grade program.


Our enrichment program focuses on supporting socialization through small group activities and games. This is provided in a clean, enjoyable, safe, and trusted environment. Our staff creates a learning environment filled with a mix of child directed, and teacher directed activities, outdoor games, fun physical challenges, along with other engaging activities centered around each week’s theme.

Summer Enrichment 2024 Schedule:

5 Days 8:30 -11:30 (Monday through Friday)

Program Age Grouping Options:



To sign up go to our Registration page and click on the Step One  procare link if you are not currently enrolled in our program.

If you are currently enrolled in procare you can click the Step Two procare link.