Our program is a school year program from September through June.

Creating a partnership with parents, Lilliput School is able to offer more than basic learning and care services for toddlers and children. We are able to focus on quality time and provide a creative curriculum that includes reading, communication, mathematics, and discovery.

It is our multi-faceted approach to learning and child care that makes our school one of the premier schools in the region. We are winner of the Readers Choice awards Seven years in a row! Our learning facilities welcome toddlers and children from 15 months to 7 years old.

Toddler & Preschool

Security and consistency are two of many things we provide. We make sure every child receives plenty of attention, with daily routines that include responsive play, reading, and diapering. Children ages 15 months to 5 years are welcome.

Kindergarten - Second Grade

Making the jump to full-time school is a big step. Children learn at different paces and in their own way, all school activities are based around each child's individual needs using diagnostic teaching. Children ages 5 to 7 are welcome.

Balancing work, and children can be difficult. We provide Supervised before and after School services, ensuring your child is safe and cared for. Flexible pick up and drop off times are available. 

School hours are  7:30-5:00

Our Curriculum

Here at Lilliput School we exclusively use Oxivir 16 TB in all of our classrooms. It is a hydrogen peroxide based disinfectant cleaner. It is safe for developing children with no adverse side effects like bleach. The hand soap we use is also green seal certified.

*Oxivir 16 is EPA Registered and is approved for Covid-19.

Before & After School