Our Mission Statement: 

The purpose of Lilliput Early Childhood Center’s program is to meet the individual needs of each child as we prepare them for further education and instill a love of learning. We provide a safe environment suited to each child’s learning needs.  We provide for typical association with other children in work and play. We provide for the growth and development of each child’s physical and mental abilities under the guidance of qualified, creative teachers. Each child will be encouraged to explore, discover and create through a multi-sensory approach to learning.


Most important, the objectives of Lilliput Early Childhood Center is to include the development of a positive self-concept among all children. This "first school" experience should develop a sense of joy, wonder and curiosity in the world around us.

Creative Curriculum with a Fun Approach

Lilliput has a variety of small and large classrooms with great student to teacher ratios.

Our student to eacher ratios are as follows: 

•20 children with 3 teachers

•16-18 children with 2-3 teachers

•9 toddlers with 3 teachers

Class Size

1. Call (508-842-0430) to schedule a tour. On a tour we will give you an overview of our programs. You will also receive current tuition pricing. Children are welcome and encouraged to participate on tours.

2. Registration for in-house families begins in November.

3. Registration for new families begins the first Monday in December at 8:00 am. After that, registration is anytime until we are full.

4. Registration for our summer camp begins the first Monday in April at 8:00 am.

5. In June, you will receive a letter confirming your registration for the following school year and will be provided with fall open house and first day of school information.

6. You can register online on our registration page. Click on step one to start. 

How to Enroll: 


Children are accepted on a "first come, first served" basis with no regard to race, religion, cultural heritage, political beliefs, marital status, sexual orientation of parents, national origin, or disabilities. Lilliput School is licensed to serve children 15 months through elementary grades 1 and 2.

Families can enroll online though our ProCare Parent Portal. Go to our Registration tab above for more information.