Lilliput School news 

Weather Cancellations Policies and Procedures

For information about Lilliput School announcements on school closings, delayed openings or early dismissals please go to our facebook page or check Channell 7 News. 

Please do not call the school: We are not equipped to handle a high volume of calls and it ties up our phone lines for other important incoming calls or in case of an emergency.

If there are any changes in the school schedule you can find this information in the following ways:

•Our Facebook page is updated regularly:

•Lilliput school follows all Shrewsbury public school delays and cancelations and early dismissals due to inclement weather. (We do not follow their professional development days.)

•You Can Watch:  Channel 7 News TV

 Information will be posted alphabetically with the other schools

 If you do not see or hear Lilliput EEC/School we are opened with our regular hours. We hope this information will make snowy days less confusing. Please use your own judgment to determine whether you feel comfortable driving in the conditions. You do not need to call in absentees on snowy days.

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